What Training Is Provided to a New THRIVE Life Consultant?

Training from THRIVE Life

THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) provides an incredible training tool to all their consultants.  This tool is called the PATH.  The acronym stands for Prepare – Act – Teach – Hone. It is full of tips, tricks, videos, tools, handouts etc.  It was released in April 2013 after  years of research and with the support and input of top consultants in the company.  It is a “PATH” to success as a THRIVE Life consultant.

The PATH  is a program that all consultants should use regularly.  I’ve been in this business for nearly 3 years and was part of the PATH development process, and yet I still use it as a reference regularly.   So, it benefits all consultants.  But the PATH is especially helpful for new consultants.

New consultants who spend 30-40 minutes / day are able to get through the entire program in about 2 weeks.  Doing so gives them a HUGE head start over consultants who do not take advantage of this program.  Three months after becoming consultants, those who have done the PATH are earning EIGHT TIMES more (on average) as those who choose not to complete it.  That says a lot about the importance of training!

Your Enroller

In THRIVE Life, everyone “joins” the business through an “enroller.”  That person is supposed to offer training, support and mentorship to those on their “team” who are serious about the business.

Your enroller should take their responsibility to mentor and support you seriously.  They should be (or become) a cheerleader and friend that helps you focus your business on what is most important and truly become successful.

I highly recommend you call or email and “interview” anyone you are considering enrolling with.  Many prospective consultants don’t realize they have a choice. But you do!  You can choose who you enroll with!

What I Offer

Of course, I would love to be your trainer! If you choose to join my team,  I will do my best to provide all the training and support you need to get a great start!  I have trained consultants from all over the United States.  I do the majority of my training through a website which you can find here.  I also offer:

  • Focused Getting Started Help.  Everyone becomes a consultant for different reasons, but no matter your reason, it is important to me.  As such, I have 3 different trainings to help meet the needs of the different consultants on my team: (1) “Savvy Shoppers” or those who become consultants to get the best bang for their buck when purchasing Thrive products, (2) “Hobbiests” or those who want to share Thrive with friends and family and make part time income doing so, and (3) “Business Builders” or those who want a full time income with THRIVE and are willing to work for it.  Learn more about each of the training options here.
  • Access to private tools / tips  As you complete various portions of the training I offer you are given access to even more detailed helps, tutorials and tips.  I provide things such as email templates, step by step instructions for holding successful classes, online marketing tips, detailed tips to help keep your calendar full and more!   Only those on my team have access to these as they are password protected.
  • Free Product.  Each month you will have the opportunity to earn up to $100 in free product by meeting certain requirements (which  are based on how hard you work and not how much you sell)
  • Help Training Your Own Team.  As you enroll new consultants on YOUR team, it can be overwhelming to train them I.  I offer my training website as a resource to all the consultants on YOUR team as well.  They will still go to you for specific questions / hands on help, but using my training website will relieve a LOT of the pressure on you (especially at first)!
  • Regular promotions to reward and motivate hard working members of my team.  I’ve given away an iPad, $300+ gift cards, lots of free product and more!  View all my current promotions here.
  • Book club. You can only learn so much from me, right?  So, I also offer a conference call every other month for hard working consultants on my team where we can brainstorm and learn from each other and discuss helpful books we read together.  Learn more about the Book Club here.
  • A team facebook page This page provides access to lots of other consultants: some new, some experienced, and many who are successful.  You will be able to “mix and mingle” with them and find lots of tips, idea sharing, promotions, recognition, and learning opportunities.
  • Experience.  I list this last b/c while I believe it can help if your enroller is experienced, I don’t believe it is absolutely necessary.  Many successful consultants had inexperienced, but hard working, supportive trainers.  But, experience can certainly help!  Just so you know, I’ve been doing this since November 2010 and reached the top rank in the company (Platinum Executive) after 2 years as a consultant.   I am one of just nine consultants that works directly with corporate leaders on the THRIVE Life Business Board of consultants.  I conduct company wide trainings, as well as local corporate sponsored trainings.  I am also one of just 9 consultants asked to train at all THRIVE Life conventions since 2012.

If you have any questions about me or the training I offer, don’t hesitate to contact me!




It’s Your Turn:

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