Three Essential Items For Your 72-Hour Kit


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Three Essential Items For Your 72-Hour Kit

A big part of self-sufficiency is finding multiple uses for a single item, especially in your 72-hour kits. If you are having to carry everything you will need on your back you need to make sure you get the most bang out of each item. A thorough and objective review of the items in your pack should be done to determine if it earns that coveted space inside. Today I’d like to talk to you about three often overlooked items. These items often make men cringe but after reading this post you will, or should, be rushing out to purchase them for their versatility in an emergency situation. Item number one:


This is perhaps the most overlooked item by men and women yet is so useful everyone should have several pairs in their kits. Nylon pantyhose are strong, flexible, and yet take up very little room all while filling a variety of jobs.

Now I know most men will balk at the idea of wearing pantyhose but consider the following.

  • Pantyhose worn with shorts or under your pants will prevent most bug bites and stings. Goodbye chiggers.
  • Worn into water they will prevent leeches from attaching to your skin.
  • Having an extra layer right next to your skin will help to retain your body heat.
  • Wearing them will reduce friction against your skin, thereby preventing or greatly reducing blisters and rashes.

 The great thing about panty hose is that they come in a variety of sizes so most men can find a pair to fit them. But their usefulness isn’t limited to being worn. They have many other non-garment uses.

  • They can be used like rope or bungee cords.
  • In an emergency they become a fan belt for your car.
  • They are lint free which makes them excellent for cleaning guns.
  • They can be used to strain debris from water.
  • Stretch a pair across a y-shaped branch and you have a small fishing net.
  • They are useful to carry things in.
  • Drop your soap into the foot of one and you have soap-on-a-rope. After you use it just hook the hose on a branch and your soap will dry and stay clean.

While you are at it tuck a few in your first aid kit.

  • Cut an appropriate length and use it to hold a bandage in place or tie across the bandage.
  •  Can be used as a tourniquet.
  • In an emergency they can help to bind broken ribs.

 Here are some other useful tricks for pantyhose.

  • They make great sprouting bags.
  • They help preserve onions. Drop one into the toe, tie the hose above the onion and drop in another. The hose allows air to circulate around the onions and the knots keep the onions separated. My onions last up to eight months this way.
  • If you stretch them out and place in the sun you have an impromptu solar dehydrator!

Now you have to admit that is a lot of uses for a couple of dollars. Now that you can see the value of some ‘women’s’ products let us move on to:


OK, I know going from pantyhose to tampons is a huge shift but these are useful to everyone, male or female, besides the obvious use.

  1. Wounds, a friend told me that while overseas she was surprised to see soldiers walking around with tampons. When she asked about it they informed her that they were excellent for plugging holes or other wounds. They are sterile, can be used round or flattened out.
  2. The smaller sized tampons are perfect for stopping nose bleeds.
  3. Since they are so absorbent they can be used as packing for a lost tooth or other dental emergencies.
  4. They make great earplugs.
  5. Placed inside a tube you can use them to filter water. (This just filters debris; it does not purify your water.
  6. Can be used to clean small places like tubes.
  7. In a pinch they become emergency toothbrushes.
  8. They are incredible fire starters. Simply spread them out and rub with Chap Stick or petroleum jelly it less than a minute you have an instant fire starter.
  9. You can use them to clean up spills you wouldn’t want your hands to touch, like gasoline.
  10.  A great barter item.

Tampons take up very little space in your bag, are sterile, and many come wrapped in plastic to keep them clean until you need them. The third often overlooked item for you kit is:

Sanitary pads

Like tampons sanitary pads, or napkins, are made of sterile cotton but pads often are designed to draw moisture away from the surface. This ‘dry weave’ allows less moisture to be trapped next to skin or whatever else they are touching. They can be used for many things but here are six of my favorites.

  1.  Because the pull moisture away from the skin they make excellent bandages for larger wounds.
  2. Saturate with water and place in a plastic bag and freeze, you know have an ice pack.
  3. If you have to sleep during the day you can use your pantyhose to secure a pad over your eyes to aid in sleeping.
  4. They can be cut down to make liners for your shoes in a pinch.
  5. In an emergency they can be used as a diaper.
  6. Since they are so absorbent they can be used to soak up spills.


In summary I believe that pantyhose, tampons, and sanitary pads can come in handy in many situations and deserve a place in your 72-hour and medical kits. These items are not expensive and many times you can find coupons to lower the price even more. So stock up and be prepared!

Till next time,



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  1. Valerye says:

    Great article and a great reason to stock up on my “girlie” items! I can attest to the effectiveness of sanitary pads used for covering large wounds. They actually may be better than “non-stick” gauze dressing. A friend of mine has lupus and last year had large ulcerations on his legs that had refused for months. Every time he removed the sterile “non-stick” bandage from it, the wounds were re-opened. He used a pad one day because he’d run out of bandages and had already removed the old dressing. The pads didn’t stick and his legs were able to heal fairly quickly after he switched.

  2. Deb says:

    Thank you for such an eye-opening post! This was one of those times where somebody had to really point out the value of items to me. Never in a million years would I have come up with so many uses for these three items: my mind only looked at them as items that had one useful purpose apiece. Now I’ll definitely be looking to add these to our emergency supplies. Thank you again.

  3. Vicki S says:

    So many uses for each item that I hadn’t thought about. I have the pads and tampons in my kit, but will definitely be getting some panty hose in there next. Thanks for the great info :)

  4. April Burkey says:

    This post was super helpful. I never would ha e thought to put panty hose in my kit because I don’t wear them. But I am totally on board with adding to my kit. I can see how useful they could be. And the tampons and pads…. Who knew. I will definitely be adding a few of each

  5. Thomas Pinkerton says:

    I can personally attest to the tampons. I keep one in my messenger bag all the time, because I suffer from chronic — and sometimes severe — nosebleeds. And tampons are perfect for stopping those dead in their tracks.

    Pantyhose can stop leeches? Sold. Hate those things.

    • Brigette Dennis says:

      Glad they are working for you, Thomas. I know many people that use tampons for nosebleeds, they are a perfect fit.

      Have to admit I’ve never tried the hose for leeches myself but know several ‘survivalist’ that swear by it. They also use them to catch small crabs.