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My name is Misty Marsh.  In late 2007, shortly after my twin boys were born and while my (wonderful) husband was in law school, I decided we needed to be better prepared to care for our new family.  I began researching, gaining skills and building a food storage and other e-prep supplies.  In late 2010 I began recording what I was learning and helping others become better prepared here on this blog.

In early 2015, I started a free course for Emergency Preparedness Newbies.  It is called E-Prep 101 and you can find it HERE.

Who Am I?

I am a MOM!  In fact, I’m the lucky mother of four beautiful, rambunctious children.  There is never a dull moment in our home and always a reason to laugh.


I am a Mormon (a nickname for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and a firm believer in my Savior Jesus Christ.


I love cheese, hot baths, hiking and the spirit good music brings to my home.  I have a knack for organizing, and sometimes get a bit carried away with it to my husband’s dismay.


I struggle with anxiety, stress overload and finding time (and a quiet place) to really study the scriptures every day.  I hate shopping for clothes and I’m awful at decorating (I still have mostly bare walls after being in my home for over 2 years).  In fact, I may someday be open to hiring a personal decorator and / or clothes shopper.


I am not a “hard-core prepper.”   I don’t have a bunker anywhere.   I’m not a homesteader and I don’t make everything from scratch (just some things).  I can’t even sew! (though I should probably learn to do so)


 Let Me Simplify E-Prep For You!

I want to simplify the process of becoming “prepared” for you so that it becomes do-able.  Please let me!

I have a knack for organizing!  I get giddy when I can take something HUGE and overwhelming and break it down into simple steps that make it do-able.  It is FUN.

I also have a passion for emergency preparedness.  I believe strongly, like you do, that being prepared is my responsibility.  I should care for myself and my family.

The first time the weight of this responsibility really fell on my shoulders was when my husband started law school. We had both quit our jobs and emptied our bank account in order for him to do so.  I was pregnant with twin boys and due in a month.  I was overwhelmed with an incredible need and yearning to provide for them.  It was powerful.

If you feel that same way, then join me on this journey!  I’m still learning, but I love to share as I do. Society benefits when more people are self-reliant.

I have combined my passion for organizing with my belief in self-reliance and preparedness to create this website.  You will find printables, checklists, quick and simple projects, step by steps (like this one for a 72 hour kit), and even full courses all with the purpose of simplifying preparedness for YOU.


A Bit More About Me:

I don’t prepare because I’m living in fear of some certain big disaster, though I’m sure my life will include some tough physical challenges (power outages, job loss, lack of clean water, financial difficulties).

I prepare because I want to be ready for my daily life.  My life consists of making dinner every day, creating meaningful traditions in our home,  teaching my children, and loving my husband.

Sure, my life may include a job loss (it did 5 years ago) or a possible natural disaster (I’ve been in the eye of a large hurricane), but those things don’t happen every day.

My life happens every day and  I want to be prepared to make the most of it.  If preparing for the big disasters makes it difficult to enjoy my everyday life, then it isn’t worth it.  


Share the Love

If you find my site helpful, will you please take just a minute and share this website with those you care about?  Send an email or use the buttons below.  I know there are others out there that feel like you do: they want to be self-reliant, but are overwhelmed.  Let’s help them (and society as a whole) together!

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I Would Love To Have You Back!

I hope you come back and visit often, but if you are like me, you may simply forget.  So, I send out a regular weekly email as part of my Preparedness 101 course.  Sign up below!

Oh, and don’t forget to leave me comments!  Any blog is only as good as it’s readers and the conversations they create!  I have learned so much from so many and hope to continue to.

I’m excited to have you with me!

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    It’s Your Turn:

    What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and encourage you to share your experience and insights in the comments box below.


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  1. Eric Wuggin says:

    I have an edged weapon self defense class that is radically different from everything else out there. It is simple, and based entirely on gross motor skills. It relies on mechanics and leverage, rather than speed and strength. It is perfect for moms. It works much better than a firearm in extreme close quarters. I would like to train you and another for free, for sake of a review. If you ever have occasion to pass through Flagstaff (like the big prepping expo in Tuscon), I can train you. Contact me and we can work out details.
    Eric Wuggin
    (928) 637-3098

  2. Tamie says:

    I love your blog and am looking forward to having time to read more of it. I was sidetracked by your “intentional parenting” phrase. I am a therapist attempting to put together a seminar group for intentional parenting. I love the term and the meaning it implies. It is also sadly lacking in our society today. The more I work with adolescents and families the more i see that the parents love their kids but have no idea how to express it in a way that is productive to their children’s growth. I am hoping as I read through your information, that I will glean some new and great ideas to incorporate into my group sessions.

    • Misty says:

      Sorry for the delayed response Tamie. I kinda checked out over the holiday! And I completely agree with you that many parents today are not intentional about their parenting. I’m not always and it takes work. I post about it occasionally b/c I need to work on it! I’d love to hear more about your sessions.

  3. Dana says:

    Hi Misty,

    I purchased the Plan Your Own 72 Hr Kit pdf from your site and really found it helpful. I didn’t run into a problem though. The pdfs and word docs that you have linked in the guide are not longer active. Is there any other way to access those documents because that was one of the biggest draws for me when purchasing this guide? Thanks!

    • Misty says:

      Oh no! I apologize Dana! I changed those links a few weeks ago and didn’t even think that it would affect the e-book. Shoot. I will email you the documents.

  4. Tim says:

    Hi, my question is, have you heard of canning Green Beans in the oven? This year a friend told me about it and it worked so well and the fresh taste is amazing. String and wash beans place in jars add 1 teaspoon canning salt, screw on lids, Place in a 250 degree oven for 2and 1/2 hours, remove and the jars seal almost immediately . I will never can beans any other way.

  5. Ben T. Ami says:

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    I look forward to hear from you.
    P.S. My objective is to contribute to the community and not to spam content with keywords or links.

    • Misty says:

      Thanks for reaching out Ben, but I don’t think caviar would be of interest to my readers. I focus on food storage, preparedness and organization. Good luck though!

  6. Sara says:

    I have printed out all of your Survival Week #1-26 and have read through them and highlighted items that we would like to add. LOVE the way you have broken down this task and taken all the perspectives with budgets etc. SO AWESOME. Thank you for your efforts in this! I wanted to ask you how you store all those dollar bills in your kits. Do you kind of spread it around your pack in different containers? It seems like I wouldn’t want to pull out a massive wad of $150 in ones if I ever had to buy something from someone in an emergency. That would be like slapping a target to my back! Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how to go about it and since you are full of knowledge and ideas I thought I would see what you guys have done. Thanks!
    p.s Would love to see a picture of your packs for one of your posts, and how you chose where to put what ( I know you have mentioned first aid on top and water bottles on the bottom).

    • Misty says:

      I will be including pictures of my own pack in the soon to be released printable version of my series, Sara! Glad to know they will be appreciated! (-: As for the cash, I didn’t give it too much thought, but I do have it in a few different places. Basically I just wanted it separated for the reasons you mentioned, but I didn’t really put it in any particular place for a purpose. I have some with our first aid kit. I have some inside our Bible / Book of Mormon. I have some in the very bottom under everything else. And I have some wrapped up in our clothes. I hope that helps!

  7. alice says:

    Hi Misty,

    I am a new consultant, signed up under Kristy Bell (not sure if you know her)in late May. Anyhow, I have enjoyed reading what you’ve written, especially on the MLM and pyramid questions as I’ve actually had folks question me about this. I have a couple of questions as I’m limited in how much time I can sit and work my way through the web site. Since I like how you write and explain things, do you mind if I ask a question or two?
    1. Could you please explain the special you have listed above about getting $30 back in free products… Are you saying if they sign up to host a party as well as enroll their Q at $100? If not, how are they getting $30 in free products.
    2. Do you have a good way of explain the Q membership? It took me a lot of reading to finally figure it out (I had never attended a party, but sampled the foods at a convention). Whereas I understand it, I find trying to explain the whole, you can purchase for $80 or not purchase but enroll at $100/month, but you only have to meet your 3 month commitment, so you really don’t have to spend $1100 a year difficult to explain to folks. If I had a concise way that perhaps had flyers to ‘show’ the process, it would help.
    3. I am getting ready to close my first show (I’ve sent these questions to my signing consultant also), as I understand it, before the host can count the Qs that signed, those first months Q must ship. What about the parties that are booked? Do those parties have to have happened in order to get the 1/2 price products? What happens if the party does not occur?

    Again, thank you for your website, your explanations are very clear.
    ps… will I need to check back here for your comments or will I receive an email?

    • Misty says:

      Hi Alice!

      Welcome to THRIVE Life! I’m so glad you were able to attend convention!

      Kristy should be able to answer most of these questions for you. Since she is your enroller, it is her responsibility to train you / answer all your questions. My time is super limited as well (whose isn’t, right? (-: ), so I have to focus most of the time I do have on training my own team members. If Kristy isn’t helping you (I don’t know her personally…) a great place to go is the THRIVE Crew facebook page. There are hundreds of consultants there and whoever has a few extra minutes that day will do their best to answer it! (-:

      But I will do my best to help out here a bit! (-:

      The $30 in free product…..if someone JUST creates a Q and that is all, you can create a party in the back office with them as the host and tie JUST that one Q to it. Then, they earn the host benefit (30% of their Qs budget in free product)

      The Q Club…..I just tell people if they want a 1 year membership, then it costs $80. If they want the $80 fee waived, all they need to do it set their budget at $100 or more.

      And yes, the parties need to happen before the host can get credit. (-:

      Best of luck to you! This is a fantastic company!

  8. Calisa says:

    Hi, Misty!

    I’m off on maternity leave (yay!) from a job in education and stumbled across you, via Pinterest. I’m excited to start reading and learning more from your website and blog, as some of your catch phrases summarize the way I was raised and my overall approach to household management. Alas, we can always get better so I’m looking forward to learning some good stuff here! :)

  9. Angela Perry says:

    You have alot of great material on here! Thanks for sharing it. Will keep reading!

  10. debbie aston says:

    I would like you to give away a manual grinder.

  11. Eric says:

    I stumbled upon your website last night when I saw your nifty idea about the important documents and with winter coming. I thought I might as well get a little prepared. I also wanted to inform you that with in your documents I feel like you made a mistake by not smudging your husband’s or sons name when you referred to a wallet. I just thought I would let you know since you smudged other names.

  12. Laurie Long says:

    Awesome site Misty!
    I’ve been working diligently to introduce personal emergency preparedness in a very simple format for over 6 years through a plan called My Life in a Box…A Life Organizer. ( You have taken the emergency plan to a higher level and I am so impressed with all of the wonderful suggestions your readers offer!

    I came in the back door of emergency preparedness when I lost 12 family members over 5 years. I was in my 40’s and realized that I didn’t have the tools to deal with all of those losses. The biggest challenge was locating documents to prove who people were and what they owned. I wrote a 45 page booklet titled “The Next 48 Hours” and it helped thousand of people prepare for end-of-life issues. Needless to say it was not a New York Times “top seller”!

    Then after Hurricane Katrina I saw people leaving New Orleans with nothing to prove who they were and what they owned. That is when I got involved with our local Citizen Corps, became a CERT Trainer and began writing a very simple plan to motivate people to be prepared for any type of family emergency or natural disaster.

    What has impressed me with your site is the detail that you have gone into to help families and individuals. I chose not to go into the details, but to simply try to motivate people to GET STARTED! My Life in a Box is now in the homes of over 140,000 military families, and my hope is that the young mothers and wives will be motivated to adopt emergency preparedness as a lifestyle and not just a fad.

    Bless you for all you are doing!

  13. joseph says:

    Great site! I started in the preparedness lifestyle earlier this year and I have been researching info & sources. I live in NJ & since Sandy hit, we were fortunate not to experience the devastation others have. I want to do better prepping in order to be a blessing to my family and others in my neighborhood & job. It looks like you’ve provided a lot of insight. Thank you!

    • Misty says:

      Thanks for the comment Joseph. I’m glad to know you weren’t seriously affected by Sandy and even more happy to know that you are working to help others! You will fit in well here!

  14. Hannah @ MiniMe Paperdolls says:

    Hi Misty,
    Just wanted to take a moment and say Hi. I am also a mom of four four and under! It’s nice to see someone else doing it too! Two of mine are twins. Then a sister came just 13 months later and a baby boy two years after her. :) It’s crazy but a good crazy right?! :)
    My sister and I just signed up to be consultants (primarily to build up our own home stores) and I really appreciate all I have learned here. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!

    • Misty says:

      Hey Hannah! Yes, having so many young kids is definitely crazy and even more certainly worth it. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d had one 13 months after my twins! There are 22 months between my twins and my first daughter and then 18 months between the two girls. Wow. I’m impressed.

      I don’t see you on my list of consultants. Did you sign up with me or someone else? Either way is totally fine, I’m glad you’ve found helpful info here. I’ve just had a few glitches lately with the sign up process with SR (people think they signed up but didn’t) and want to make sure you are taken care of in case that issue has happened again. Let me know….

      And always feel free to comment and ask questions! I’m happy to help!

      • Hannah @ MiniMe Paperdolls says:

        Hello again Misty,

        Oh, and I can’t imagine having a 22 mo. old and then newborn twins! That would be a whole other kind of challenge. I think in a way our situation was a little easier…having twins first and then a new one when they were only 13 months and not as mobile yet. Either way, it is hard work so we should both be patting ourselves on the back! ;)
        I actually signed up along with my sister under a friend here in my home town. I’m really looking forward to all I will learn and be able to share with this company…not to mention the yummy food (that is what ultimately “sold” me)! Thanks again for taking the time to share.

        • Misty says:

          Oh good! I’m glad you got signed up correctly! Good luck. I’ve loved being a consultant!

          And my twins were actually first too. I agree that have twins later would be harder! haha

  15. Robert Evans says:

    Great site would love more information on how to get started with a store like this. We have been into preparedness for a long time and it would be great joy to make a career out of it. What responsibilities does your husband have in being prepared? Just like to see what other men have to do.


    • Misty says:

      Hey Robert! You can find more info about becoming a consultant and “making a career” out of this here: And feel free to email me with any other questions you have!

      As for my husband, we share a lot of responsibilities, but I probably do a lot more of the organizational and planning while he does more of the actual physical tasks (like building my garden boxes). (-:

  16. Nikki says:

    Hi there, I just finished reading your 26 posts about the 72-hour packs and I was just wondering how on earth you fit all that stuff into each backpack? I have made these packs and I have such a hard time fitting stuff, I’ve had to separate all the stuff between all of the packs for my family…so that not every pack has everything it needs on its own, but if you put all the packs together, then it’s everything we’ll need. I would love to fit all needed items into each pack but I have no idea how!

    • Misty says:

      I really need to take a picture of my pack and post it. I will do that soon. But I choose the smallest, lightest things I can. And it doesn’t all fit into one pack. Our biggest pack has all the tools / extras plus my clothes and my daughter’s clothes. My boys each have their own pack with some very basic tools / food and clothes. My husband has a 2nd larger pack with most of the tools etc (but not all) and his clothes. I will try to get a picture up in the next few weeks after things settle down from the move (I don’t even have my packs with me yet…moving company still has them…eek!)

  17. Kim M. says:

    Wow Misty, what a wonderful site you have!.. I just stumbled upon it tonight while surfing around.
    I am an Apriori Beauty Consultant and I love to see other network marketers out there and what their companies have to offer.

    I have never heard of Shelf Reliance or this Thrive foods. I have been using Isagenix for my nutritional needs & for my family. Interesting things going on in the MLM world!

    Best of luck to you!!

    • Misty says:

      Thanks for stopping by Kim!

      • William says:

        Does thrive have powdered eggs that taste good or just the kind you cook with? I have both in my personal food storage that I purchased and know that there is a difference.

        I’d be interested in that and also to know how the price compares to Emergency Essentials food prices which is the store near my house that I normally shop at.

        If Thrive compares favorably with that store and has those eggs i am talking about, I’d like to purchase some.

        • Misty says:

          There are actually three types of THRIVE eggs, William. The two you mentioned and egg whites. You can read about the main two here:

          They are all on special for the month of July. You can get 216 whole eggs for $18.39, 214 scrambled eggs for $33.59 or 400 egg whites for $24.79 through July 31st.

          As for how they compare to other companies, I think the price is pretty comparable, but there are no additives / preservatives either. These are all three 100% eggs!

  18. Rob Bartlett says:

    I haven’t got my ForeverThrive site up yet. I have the Shelf Reliance website which is currently online as We may change this to down the road.

    This is a part of a larger onliine program I am launching. We also make emergency kits and sell them through our other site,, which has been up for around 9 months. will also eventually introduce Thrive Foods to our clients (retail and wholesale).

    Once I build and launch ForeverThrive, it will introduce another line of health products focusing on natural health and well being (Forevergreen). So ForeverThrive will incorporate, Thrive, ForeverGreen and products

    Shelf Reliance Emergency Kits will not be available in Canada so we have created this company to serve Canadians

    • Misty says:

      Sounds great Rob! You’ve got a lot going on. I wish you the best and hope all goes well with your many business ventures. Thanks for stopping by: feel free to come back as often as you’d like!

  19. Rob Bartlett says:

    I have just become a Shelf Reliance Consultant and very excited about the opportunity of selling healthy food, food storage solutions and preparation. I came across your website while in the process of developing my own ( I have to say that this is very high bar you have set for me to reach (-: Your website is fabulous and very well done. Congratulations, I can only hope that one day my site will be as informative and interactive as yours

    • Misty says:

      Welcome to Shelf Reliance Rob! You won’t regret it! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the site. Question though, did you leave the correct link? That takes me to some site selling something called Forever Green…nothing about Shelf Reliance. I’d love to see your actual site!