July 2011 Shelf Reliance Specials: THRIVE #10 Cans

Remember that if you purchase any of these items in a case (6 of the same), you will save an additional 5% per can.

Freeze Dried Banana Slices: $25.39 (great in banana bread)
Freeze Dried Mangoes: $21.19 (try these pacos)

Dehydrated Potato Chunks: $10.69 (wonderful addition to soups)
Tomato Powder: $30.99 (one of my favorite products)

Butter Powder: $21.19 (try it in these Lion House rolls)
Cheese Blend: $23.59 (make homemade Mac & Cheese)

Meat & Beans
Lima Beans: $12.59
Bacon TVP: $9.89 (tastes like bacon bits)

Baking Soda: $9.19
Brown Sugar: $10.29
White Sugar: $9.99

Macaroons: $13.89 (a favorite at parties)
Neapolitan Ice Cream Bits: $43.19 (only while supplies last…must be purchased directly through me.  NOT AVAILABLE on shelf reliance website.  misty@yourownhomestore.com or 760-637-7296)

Remember, you will save an additional 2%-4% off these prices if you have a THRIVE Q.  If you’d like, you can create a Q.  Contact me with questions!
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