Food Storage That Makes Sense!

( And tastes great too! )

I Have A Mission...

That's right.  A Mission. 

I want you to SPEND LESS on HEALTHY food storage you LIKE and want to USE.

You'll likely find my take on food storage a bit different from other preparedness sites you may read. 

What I Teach:

  • You Should Like Your Food Storage

    Store the things your family eats!  I only store things my family eats: like REAL meat, veggies, fruits, even real cheese.  We like our food storage!  Freeze dried (NOT dehydrated) foods make storing things we eat every day possible.  Learn More HERE

  • Nutrients Matter!

    Many products marketed as “food storage” are packed full of sodium and other preservatives.  I wouldn’t feed them to my family now, so why do so in a disaster when we will need our health even more?  Some freeze dried (NOT dehydrated) foods are even healthier than what you can get at the grocery store!  Learn more HERE.

  • Rotate and use your food!

    When you store food your family likes, it becomes easy to use it and rotate through it.  It won’t just sit on a shelf and go bad.  And you’ll know how to use it when you “have” to.  Freeze dried (NOT dehydrated) foods are easy to use!  They are washed, peeled, cut, chopped, browned, shredded, or whatever FOR YOU and actually make getting dinner on the table quicker!  Learn more HERE.

  • Spend Less

    Store grains!  They are an inexpensive calories.  But in order to get all the nutrients you need, you MUST supplement with produce, meat and cheese. Freeze dried (NOT dehydrated) foods with a long shelf life mean less waste.  No more throwing away moldy raspberries or mushrooms!  Use just what you need for a recipe (1/4 cup celery can’t be purchased at the grocery store). Plus, with a “store” in your own home, you will avoid impulse buys and fast food.  Learn More HERE

Resources I Provide:

  • Freeze Dried Vs Dehydrated

    You really should know the difference!  Learn about it HERE.

  • Why I Avoid Pre-made Packages

    There are many reasons to build your own!  Study up HERE.

  • Recipes

    If you are going to actually use it, food storage should be based on RECIPES, not calories.  Browse recipes HERE.

  • Tips

    Simple product specific tips to help you learn how to use your food storage.  Find tips HERE.

  • Tips for Freeze Dried Foods

    Freeze dried foods are easy to use, but there are a few quick things you should know.  More HERE.

  • Conversion Chart

    Use this conversion chart to quickly convert your family’s recipes to 100% food storage!  Print it HERE.

Where To Buy:

  • Thrive Foods

    I only purchase Thrive Foods for my family because thrive foods are the highest quality food storage available.  I have tasted many brands over and over and Thrive wins every time.  Their quality processes are the best in the industry and I’ve observed their packaging facility personally.  Purchase Thrive (at a 5%-20% discount…just make sure you see my name at the top of your screen) HERE.


    1.  Create a Thrive Q.  With a Q, you purchase Thrive on a monthly budget you set.  In addition, you will have access to one deeply discounted product each month AND earn a 3% rebate in free food.  Create a Q HERE.

    2.  Ask about unadvertised specials.  I am authorized to sell certain packages that are NOT available on the Thrive website.  These packages are a 30%-50% savings off retail pricing.  Contact me if you want more details.

    3.  Buy in bulk.  If you are going to order $500 or more (get a group together if you need to), I can offer some additional discounts off the online pricing.  Simply contact me directly for more info.

  • Emergency Essentials

    If I couldn’t buy Thrive for some reason, I would purchase Emergency Essential’s food.  Their day to day prices are typically about the same as Thrive, but there are usually a few monthly deals that are a fantastic deal.  I also like EE for emergency supplies.  They often have KILLER deals on non-food supplies.  Purchase Emergency Essentials HERE.



    1.  Group Buys.  Get a group together (or just buy in bulk yourself) and you can save a LOT with Emergency Essentials.  See group buys HERE.

    2.  Monthly Specials.  Each month, emergency essentials discounts a variety of items (food and non-food) and there are usually 5-10 REALLY great deals each month.  See current sales HERE.

  • Honeyville

    Honeyville offers great grains for great prices.  I haven’t been as impressed with their freeze dried produce / meat, but their grains are fantastic!  Purchase Honeyville grains HERE.



    1. The LDS Home Storage Center.  Purchase grains and other basics from an LDS Home Storage Center. You do not need to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to purchase the food they package.  They sell it at cost so it is the BEST price around.

    I love their grains, beans, and baking supplies.  I do NOT like their milk.  Find a location near you HERE, an order form HERE, and tips for “shopping” there HERE  and HERE

Some Tips When Purchasing Food Storage:

When comparing prices for freeze dried or dehydrated products use volume not weight.  Different sources remove different amounts of water making the same amount of product weigh different amounts.  For example, if two #10 cans weigh 15 oz and 16 oz, you may think the 16 oz can has more product in it.  But what if the 16 oz can has 33 1/3 cup servings (11 cups) and the 15 oz can has 46 1/4 cup servings (11.5 cups).  The 15 oz can actually has more product in it.


I recommend basing your food storage on recipes instead of calories.  You may have 2000 calories per day stored, but if it is all wheat, beans and rice, what meals will you actually eat?  Instead, choose recipes you can make with shelf stable foods and store those ingredients.  In this way, you will store calories AND meals.  In addition, you will be able to rotate your food storage, avoiding waste and giving you practice using it.  Find Food Storage Recipes here.


I do not recommend purchasing a large quantity of pre-made just add water meals.  A few of these are good for busy nights or the first few days after a natural disaster.  However, they are typically VERY high in sodium and other additives and preservatives.  They would be extremely unhealthy to consume over a long period of time.


I do not recommend purchasing large pre-made packages.  Read more here.