Disappearing in a Crowd

Hello Everyone. This is Brigette reporting to you from the backwoods. Today I want to talk to you about disappearing in a crowd or how not to make yourself a target.

As I write this we are in the middle of deer season, which in my area means camo clothing. During hunting season it is perfectly acceptable to wear camouflage clothing any and everywhere, from the grocery store to the restaurant. It is always in style whether you 2 months old or 92 years old. When we sort our laundry we have four piles instead of three, whites, darks, lights, and camo.

Yes, camo is commonplace where I live, but when I travel I leave it at home. While camo is common around here it stands out in other places. Your goal during a bug out scenario, particularly if you are bugging out from a city, is to be as invisible as possible.

When A Disaster Happens

As we look at people’s reactions during previous disasters we can see that most have never given much, if any, consideration as to what they would do. In the first few hours or even the first day of a disaster most people are looking for help, waiting for the first responders, the government, etc, but what happens when help doesn’t arrive, or in sufficient amounts? It really does not take long for the thin veneer of civilization to disappear and hungry mobs to appear.

If you are trying to bug out from an urban or suburban location the two things you want to avoid are:

  1. Looking like you are in a position of authority.
  2. Looking like you have supplies others will want.

Dress to Blend In

If you are dressed in camouflaged clothing or any other type of clothing that could be confused with military or first responders you have just painted a big bulls eye on your back. You are now seen as either a person of authority or a civilian that is prepared. In this type of a situation dark, rugged, comfortable, nondescript pants, shirt, and a jacket will help you blend in and in essence disappear in the crowd.

BOB Colors That Say, ‘Here I Am’

Many people carry backpacks or book bags today. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and usually are ignored by most of us. We are so used to seeing them that we no longer see them. However, when you see someone carrying a fully loaded military style backpack in military colors it screams one thing, “I know what I’m doing, I’m prepared.’ Making you the perfect target for someone willing to do anything to survive.

When choosing your BOB try to avoid these colors that scream military.

  • Camo
  • Olive green
  • Khaki
  • Coyote brown

Instead think about dark blue or black, these colors do not scream military but they are dark and blend in easily. Lighter blues and reds are also common and have the advantage of being easier for you to find in the dark, however, they are easier to find in the dark. If you are trying to avoid detection at night a construction grade trash bag will cover a lighter colored bag making it almost impossible to spot. I personally like SR’s Deluxe Backpack. It’s roomy and comfortable to carry but the color seems to just blend in.

To Many Gadgets

Another big mistake people make is to use all those handy clips on the outside of their bag. Attaching tools to the outside of your bag makes it easier for you to retrieve needed items and increases your carry space, but it also shows others what you have on you.  Although it might be easier for you to have your Frontier Pro Water Filter clipped to the outside of your bag it’s also easier for someone else to decide they need it.

Too Much Noise

As you move through quiet streets or busy ones you want to lower your presence by remaining quite and avoiding eye contact. If you’re traveling with others try to avoid unnecessary chatter. Pack your bags in such a way as to prevent stainless steel water bottles from clicking together or jingling keys. These things will just draw unwanted attention to you.

Make Your Car Non-Descript

If you are able to bug out in your car you want it to be as plain as possible. Keep your survival gear stowed out of sight. If something must show throw your laundry on top with some pillows to make it look like you just randomly threw things into your car. A cute bumper sticker about gun rights might help educate others but in a SHTF scenario it also says, ‘I am a gun owner.’ Step back and really look at your vehicle. What does it tell others about you?


Although you are dressing to blend in there is one big difference between you and the masses. You have a plan, you are equipped, and you know where you are going. Your goal is to get there in one piece as fast as you can.

  1. Dress in sturdy, comfortable, dark clothing.
  2. Carry a non-military color bag.
  3. Keep your gear stowed out of sight.
  4. Keep canada online pharmacy your noise down.
  5. Do not draw attention to yourself.
  6. Follow your plan.

Thanks for visiting with me. I always enjoy our time together. Remember, together we can build strong communities.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Nice article on “urban camouflage.” It is also called the “Gray Man Concept” or hiding in plain sight. Other nice posts include: http://www.salvationandsurvival.com/2012/06/blend-into-crowd.html and

  2. Bridgette says:

    Excellent tips! Thanks!

  3. Sandra says:

    Thanks for the tip….I would never have thought of this. I am learning something with every post.

    Thanks Again for taking the time to do this.