Customer Testimonials

Greg from Florida:

Several months ago I began researching and getting involved into food storage and preparedness. I wasn’t even sure what either of these two items meant. The internet information became overwhelming and while I contacted several companies, and bought from a few of the “popular” internet sites, I often came away feeling, “ignorant” or “abused” by my lack of education in the area. I felt lost.

One day…I stumbled onto Misty’s…website. I reached out in a simple email. She promptly responded and since then her understanding, patience, suggestions, and recommendations have been priceless. She was able to walk me through the “Q” program almost effortlessly, gave me suggestions not only in terms of buying products…but also on how to build my own “in house” pantry program, how to develop a thirty day and then a ninety day supply as well as how to plan a long term food storage program. Her guidance, suggestions and especially her patience with a “newbie” have really made the difference in our efforts. There have been countless times that she has, ever so gently made suggestions to my orders that have saved me time and money.

She helps provide what you need, and is not just a sales rep!…She has been a life saver to me and my family.


Lisa from Maryland:

In April 2011 I contacted Misty Marsh…What a fortunate blessing to find her! After asking her for information about the products she replied to me with a very detailed welcome and information filled email. She explained how the Thrive Q works and how I could earn FREE and half-priced products by hosting my very own party for family, friends, and neighbors.

The Thrive Q has been such an amazing thing to discover! I had wanted to start my own home food storage for a few years but didn’t know how I would be able to afford it on a fixed income. After learning that I could set up my Q at any amount that was right for me and my budget, Misty helped me by setting up my account for me and explaining how it works. She has guided me over the past eight months on just how to make the most out of the specials they offer and given me advice on how to best make use of the Q.

Misty has been an amazingly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful consultant. Although we have never met in person, I feel as if I have known her as a friend for years! She is always available to answer every one of my questions. I look forward to receiving her newsletters several times a month and reading her blog filled with useful information, product specials, recipes, and lovely tales of her life with her wonderful family. Although we live on opposite coasts thousands of miles away from each other, I have always felt as if Misty were right next door when it comes to her help and advice when I have needed it with my account. I look forward to continuing to work with her for years to come!


Heidi from Michigan

THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) products are extraordinarily useful in emergencies as expected but surprisingly even more so for every day use. Everything we have tried thus far has been fantastic. Shipping has always been fast, Misty is a lovely person to shop with and so helpful in every way. The combination of quality, value and customer service is outstanding!


Linda from South Carolina

I have had a great experience with self reliance through Misty. She has been beyond helpful, kind, informative, and personal. She has sent me some free samples so I could try things that I don’t yet have in my food storage and is always willing to answer questions via email or phone. If she doesn’t know the answer she’ll find a way to get the answer and that speaks volumes. I have appreciated learning more about THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) with Misty’s assistance! Her customer service is a A+++++++ in my book!


Colleen from Oregon

It was to my benefit that I chose Misty as my THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance)/Thrive Foods Rep. I live in Oregon and looked for a local representative to give a home party offering samples and answer questions regarding the products. I finally decided to go with Misty even though she is located in California. I am so happy that I did. She was prompt and accurate in all responses. The “long distance” party was a hit! Samples and literature were sent and my friends & family were able to come over throughout the day to sample the Thrive foods and get questions answered. A sizeable order was placed and Misty was sure that everything was accurate. Because of the great demand for Thrive foods, it was necessary for follow up on anything that was backordered. Misty made sure that everything went smoothly and accurately. Thank you, Misty for being such a fantastic rep.