Bread Recipes:

Bread is what many people think of when they think “food storage,” and it is true that it is possible to make lots of delicious breads using the products in Your Own Home Store.

One of my favorite products is white wheat.  You can read about how it compares to the typical (and more well known) red wheat if you’d like. It has made using my stored wheat so much easier.

If you are to get the best use of the grains in Your Own Home Store, you should also own a grain grinder.  Keep a less expensive manual grinder for emergencies and an electric grinder for everyday use (I think it takes to long to grind all my grains by hand).  I grind my own flour & cornmeal.  I even grind beans and use them as a fat replacement in baked goods!

One thing that is often overlooked when thinking of “food storage” bread recipes is freeze dried fruits.  These can be used to add flavor and fun to your breads.  Think, blueberry pancakes, mango muffins or banana bread.  Adding these products to Your Own Home Store make it easier to rotate through and use your grains because they make it so simple to make great tasting breads!

Feel free to browse through the following bread recipes.  I’d love to answer any questions you might have!


It’s Your Turn:

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